The soft-TRD SIII is the result of further developments under the slogan „Go green with Thies“.

Designed for the universal dyeing of wovens, knits and non-wovens this third generation of soft-TRD machines sets new standards in the efficient use of materials and resources.

With potential maximum nominal loadings of 100 kg, 150 kg and 200 kg per chamber and a possible configuration of up to 4 chambers, the machine offers a wide range of batch sizes to meet individual customers requirements. Overproduction will be avoided. The maximum batch weight as well as the liquor ratio are depending on the form and structure of the material being processed.

The soft-TRD SIII is able to ­handle crease and surface sensitive articles at fabric speeds of up to ­600 m/min. The free material flow and low intensive transport zone, guarantee optimum relaxation and uniform treatment of the entire rope. This new design with its swimming material transport, providing the finisher with increased flexibility in the processing of a wide range of fabrics and material weights.




Leaflet soft-TRD SIII