Completing the Thies range of yarn dyeing machines, the hankMaster has been specifically designed for the dyeing of yarns in hank form.

The novel liquor flow ensures ­perfect dyeing of a wide range of hanked yarns including wool, soft and ­mercerised cotton, and critical fibres such as
viscose, polyamide, silk and high bulk acrylics.

The hankMaster is designed to dye at temperatures of up to 98°C at a ­starting liquor ratio of 1:5 and depending on the loading and yarn quality.

To avoid high spots and lustre marks the hanks are rotated on specially ­designed rods 1300 mm wide. The hankMaster can be supplied with 2, 4, 6, 8 or 10 rods, each capable of ­holding, subject to the volume and type of material, max. 10 kg of yarn. The max. hank length is 1000 mm.

For bigger batch sizes machines a ­series of machines can be coupled.
(The respective machine dimensions are shown on the attached table)

A modern industrial PC controls and monitors the dyeing and finishing ­process.

Separate detailed information on the complete range of Thies control ­systems is available on request.


Technical Details:

  • Machine completely manufactured from stainless steel
  • Centrifugal circulation pump
  • Cartridge heat exchanger
  • Analog dosing
    Fully automatic dosing of dyes and chemicals using pre programmed time and curves




Leaflet hankMaster