Hollow screw heat exchanger

For difficult cases of heat exchange with granular and pasty or medium viscous products that require continuous cooling. Use in almost all branches of industry, e.g. chemical-, pharmaceutical and aluminium industry.

Intermeshing hollow screws constantly deliver and thoroughly mix the product to be processed. The individual particles of the product repeatedly contact the heat exchanging surfaces of the hollow screw.

Max. heat exchange is achieved when the product is filled in up to the optimal filling level. Size and conveyance speed are depending on the transfer rate, the product to be transferred and installation position.


  • continuous operation
  • easy handling 
  • good heat exchange 
  • high availability
  • low space requirement
  • no development of dust 
  • low force requirement 
  • high adaptability to circumstances on site


  • high varity  of types
  • high product mass flow
  • low susceptance to failure
  • large heat exchanging surfaces while at the same time low space requirement
  • maintenance-friendly design
  • easy product inlet and outlet


  • self-cleaning profile
  • high precision
  • usage for difficult to handle products 
  • different materials for various ranges of use


  • high precision
  • self-cleaning profile
  • very special process
  • wide range of application for product specific requirements