Dyestuff Dissolving Station

The MPS-D system (dissolving) is mainly used for the dissolving of dyestuff.

The dyestuff, which has been poured into a weighing pan, will be automatically dissolved (program controlled), and transferred to the dyeing machine. The process is absolutely dust-free within a sealed system. Dissolving temperature, time and the water quantity are dependent on the type and quantity of dyestuff.

The MPS-D system is available in a range of tank sizes from 100 to 600 litres. The minimum quantity possible for a system is approx. 1/10 of the tank volume. Enabling an optimum adjustment to various dyeing machine sizes.

The MPS-D system can be completed with a warm water preparation, saving process times for heating and, as it incorporates its own pressure pump, providing the water pressure required for cleaning. 



Leaflet MPS