Liquid Chemical Supply

With the MPS-L system (liquids) all liquid chemicals that are commonly used in a dye house can automatically be transferred in controlled quantities to a defined destination.

Due to its modular structure, the MPS-L system can be extended in steps of ten as required. Circumstances on site can be taken into consideration when installing the modules.

A useful option of the MPS-L system is the manual operation, which can be integrated. Filling of the storage tanks via the MPS-L and its pipe system is also possible, at request.

The chemical quantities are volumetric measured, using a magnetic-inductive measuring system. A positive displacement pump is installed to transfer chemicals with higher viscosity. The delivered products are pumped through a separate distribution pipe to their final destination. 

High precision and reproducibility have a positive effect on the dyeing results. The product-specific adjustment allows the correct delivery even of chemicals that are difficult to handle.



Leaflet MPS