Supplementary equipment

The overall picture of a modern dyehouse integrates supplementary equipment for automation, chemicals dosing and administration/management as well as heat recovery.

Tailor-made solutions provide the basis for cost-efficient production. 


  • chemical supply system
  • easy operation
  • low inlet height
  • modular extendable


  • dyestuff dissolving system
  • easy handling/operation
  • integration in MPS-Colourmatic possible

MPS Colourmatic

  • semi or fully automatic 
  • dyes-per-batch storage  system
  • modular extendable


  • powder  granulates dissolving and dispensing system 
  • for all common powder granulates like salt, Hydro, Soda Ash, etc.

Heat recovery

  • counter flow  heat  exchanger
  • recovery of heat energy  for production of hot water
  • very short amortisation time