Tumbler T 150 

The Thies Tumbler T 150 is an entire novelty compared to conventional tumbler systems.

The fabric enters the tumbler channel via the feeding roller through the loading- and unloading openings. From there the fabric - in open width - is plaited onto a conveyor belt and transported back to the feeding roller.

The speed of belt can be set according to the volume and length of fabrics. So far, fabrics have been tumbled in a perforated drum involving a considerable amount of labour for their subsequent disentangling. All the THIES Tumbler T 150 needs is one single unskilled operator for loading and unloading the batch of up to 150 kg.

The Tumbler T 150 can handle elastic textiles such as cord and terry, dries knitted fabrics and tumbles "Nicki" and similar textile goods having widths of more than 2 400 mm in a most economical way. At the same time the final shrinkage of fabrics is improved giving a perfect surface structure and an excellent feel.  





Leaflet T 150