eco-bloc Yarn Dyeing Machine 

Important factors in the dyeing of yarn packages are an ability to achieve even dye distribution, levelness of shade and targeted colourfastness at the same time addressing the important factors of operating costs and environmental impact. All requirements covered by the outstanding features of the eco-bloc yarn dyeing machine.

The design of which incorporates the latest innovations and technology related to liquor flow, bath circulation and operating efficiency.

With a wide range of potential applications the eco-bloc can be used to process material in many forms including yarn packages, muffs, warp beams, loose stock, tops, ribbons and tapes made of natural, man-made fibres and their blends. The heat exchanger is strategically positioned in the circulation system with a correspondingly positive effect on the liquor ratio, so that depending on the dyeing method, form and type of material effective liquor ratios from 1:3,5 to 1:8 can be readily achieved.

To avoid the need for an expansion tank but compensate for liquor expansion and shading corrections, the kier uses an internal air pad.

The integrated flow inverter directly connected to the circulation pump allows for liquor flow reversal (in/out - out/in), with rapid liquor circulation optimising all stages of the dyeing process, including pre and post treatments.

The eco-bloc is available in both vertical (eco-bloc X) and horizontal executions (eco-bloc HV).

Using modern industrial based PC controllers the material flow and all machine functions are constantly monitored and regulated. Individual units can be connected into overhead management systems and centralised networks.

Technical Details:

  • All machine parts coming into contact with the liquor are manufactured from stainless steel 1.4571 (316 Ti)
  • Optimised liquor ratio and flow rate, resulting from efficient material carrier designs
  • In-line heat exchanger
  • Differential pressure gauge providing on-line monitoring and regulation of the programmed differential pressure
  • Liquor return to the 100% Stock Tank
    re-use of bleach, rinsing or dye liquor
  • Programmable automated dosing of dyes and auxiliaries using time and curve profiles (also applicable under HT conditions)
  • Operating temperature max. 140°C at 5 bar pressure
  • Batch sizes from 1 to 10 000 kg
  • Automated process control using industrial PC


For details of chamber widths, capacities and available executions please see the leaflet.




Leaflet eco-bloc