Yarn Dyeing

Flexible and cost effective.

Thies yarn dyeing machines and material carriers set new standards in quality, reproducibility and economy. Which combined with the expertise of our design department provides the perfect base for a new dyehouse project, or the extension of an existing plant.

Thies also offer total plant automation for those targeting increased productivity.


  • vertical dyeing kier
  • energy-efficient dyeing
  • improved rinsing function
  • flexible liquor circulation

eco-bloc quattro

  • vertical dyeing kier
  • up to 6 individual dyeing kiers
  • low energy consumption
  • outstanding flexibility


  • vertical or horizontal dyeing kier
  • low-maintenance heat exchanger
  • low energy consumption
  • suiting various material carriers

Pressure dryer

  • excellent running conditions
  • easy handling
  • short process times
  • high economic efficiency

Material carriers

  • package carrier
  • carrier for tops
  • packing cage for loose stock
  • tape bobbin carrier


  • special machine for hanks dyeing
  • low energy consumption
  • liquor ratio min. 1:5