soft-TRD SII

The universal dyeing system for woven and knitted fabrics.

This machine is specially suitable for crease sensitive woven fabrics of polyester, polyester blends, micro fibres, etc. of 60 to 800 grammes per running meter due to the high circulation speeds up to 600 m/min.

On the basis of the optimal safety during running also at maximal speeds high load weights could be achieved even with light materials.

Shortest dyeing times are possible based on high efficient heating-/cooling results and large quantities of circulated liquor. 

Information about Thies control systems is available on request.

Technical Details:

  • Adjustable winch drives allowing different fabric speeds at a programmed nozzle pressure
  • Analog dosing
    fully automated dosing of dyes and chemicals using time and curves (also possible under HT conditions) 
  • Available types:
    •  N - 1000:
      1 x  100 kg
    •  Norm: 
      1 x  150 kg
    •  N + 1000: 
      1 x  180 kg
    •  N + 2000: 
      1 x  200 kg
  • Available for operating temperatures up to 140°C. 
  • Liquor ratio from 1:8
  • 1-4 fabric tubes per machine available


For details of chamber widths, capacities and available executions please see the leaflet.




Leaflet soft-TRD