Based on our experience and developments in industry and controller technology, we have developed the Thies-Jigger.

Suitable for processing fabric at atmospheric temperatures of up to 98°C and in HT execution up to 143°C, this Jigger is especially recommended for the treatment of crease sensitive, permeable and non-permeable articles in open width form, offering optimum flexibility for the finishing of all modern fibres and blends.

Incorporating innovations in stepless tension and material speed control, and with an economical dye trough designed for uniform dyeing in short liquor ratio conditions.

An industrial PC, proven in the exhaust dyeing industry, including PLC and a fabric rope monitoring system is used for the complete machine control, ensuring the maintenance of optimum processing conditions.

Technical Details:

  • Fabric tension:
 50-800 N
  • Fabric speed: 
 10-150 m/min
  • Fabric width: 
max. 5400 mm
  • Roller width: 
max. 5600 mm

Significant innovations in the process technology ensure modern utilisation 

  • Direct drive of the main rollers via frequency controlled three-phase motors with brake drive current return (energy saving)
  • A dye trough design ensuring minimum possible liquor ratio
  • Fabric rope monitoring control system for precise calculation and control of the fabric speed and tension
  • Uniform dyeing conditions in the dye trough, independent of the batch size
  • Water meter for controlled rinsing
  • Dosing of dyes and chemicals dependent on the fabric length passing through the dye bath 
  • Addition pressure pump for shading corrections and dosing
    On the HT-Jigger dosing under pressure possible
  • External pump and heat exchanger ensure uniform liquor heating and circulation
  • Sidewise displacement of the main batch roller 
  • Analog level for dyeing kier
  • Floor level track system (for HT-Jigger) 
  • Easy maintenance

For details of chamber widths, capacities and available executions please see the leaflet.




Leaflet Jigger