A small production machine the mini-soft bridges the gaps between research, laboratory and production.

With its extraordinary flexibility the mini-soft can be used for a multiplicity of purposes including research and development, quality assurance, laboratory trials, sample dyeings and small-scale production. Due to the high level of reproducibility and portability the results are easily applicable in regular production.

The mini-soft is available in both vertical (mini-soft E) and horizontal (mini-soft TRD) versions, and is the ideal machine for the wet processing of woven and knit fabrics produced from natural or man-made fibres and their blends. Designed to operating at up to 140°C and with a variable liquor ratio; starting at 1:6 (mini-soft E) or 1:12 (mini-soft TRD)

The convenient placement of the operating components and the floor level installation of the machine provide a user friendly and comfortable operating environment.

The mini-soft is shipped pre mounted on a compact base plate and is easily and quickly installed on site.

The nominal capacity, depending on the type of machine, ranging between 3-80 kg per tube. Mini-soft machines with a capacity of 30 kg, and above, can be supplied in a 2-tube design.

Optimum process control is ensured by the use of an industrial based PC, the extent of functions matching the requirements of the machine; ensuring an optimum process flow. More detailed information on Thies control systems is available on request.

Features of the mini-soft: 

  • Flexible liquor ratio min. either 1:6 or 1:12
  • Consistent reproducibility 
  • Results readily transferable into full scale production
  • Variable winch speed for adjustment of the fabric speed relative to the nozzle pressure
  • Easy to set up
  • Minimum floor space
  • Available with an operating temperature of up to 140°C 
  • Machine control using an industrial PC


For details of chamber widths, capacities and available executions please see the leaflet.




Leaflet mini-soft