Luft-roto plus SII

The Luft-roto plus SII fabric dyeing machine represents a significant development in short liquor ratio dyeing technology, at the same time meeting today's demands for environmental friendly and cost effective production.

For the first time the ascending fabric passes through the machine's liquor nozzle before moving over the transport winch, enabling practical liquor ratios as low as 1:2 to be achieved. An air transport system ensures optimised plaiting of the wetted material into the almost liquor-free, gravity driven, inner rotating chamber.

Incorporating a new and novel technology, which reduces the process time and total energy consumption while at the same time enhancing the quality of the processed material. The highly versatile Luft-roto plus SII can be used to process all types of fabrics, fibres and blends.

To meet critical demands for maximum control and flexibility we offer a number of controller configurations. Full details of which can be supplied on request.

Technical Specification:

  • High performance blower for fabric transport, rope opening and plaiting
  • Inner rotating fabric chamber for smooth and secure fabric transport
  • The opportunity for rapid dyeing using high air and liquor flow, combined with fast heating and cooling rates
  • Analog dosing
    Programmable automated dosing of dyes and chemicals using time and curves (also possible under HT conditions)
  • Machine control via an industrial PC
  • Minimum liquor ratio 1:2
  • Fabric speeds of up to 600 m/min
  • Available designed for operating temperatures of up to 95°C or 140°C
  • 1 to 6 fabric chambers per machine
  • Nominal chamber capacities 100 kg, 180 kg and 250 kg
    (a plaiter is standard on 180 and 250 kg machines)

For details of chamber widths, capacities and available executions please see the leaflet.



Leaflet Luft-roto plus SII